DIY 1 Player Bartop / Tabletop Arcade Cabinet Kit for a 23" screen mounted vertically

Ideal for a 60-in-1, 412-in-1, or other game system using a vertically mounted monitor

This kit contains the pre-cut, routed and pre-drilled MDF for a DIY Bartop/Tabletop Arcade Cabinet, and is the ONLY kit to feature the following:

    VESA Mounting Panel for a 23" Widescreen TV or 23" Widescreen Monitor Mounted Vertically

    Pre-routed integrated marquee bracket
    Pre-routed baton indents for easier assembly
    Adjustable horizontal monitor positioning
    Pre-drilled holes for mounting two 4" speakers
    Pre-drilled holes for mounting 1 Joystick
    Pre-drilled holes for cabinet assembly
    Numbered baton supports and the 26 screws for basic assembly
To assemble the basic cabinet, all you need to supply is the wood glue and a screwdriver.

That's right, all parts needed to assemble the basic cabinet are included (except for the wood glue)!

For a complete assembly, we suggest the following parts (not included):

    Up to 23" Widescreen LCD Monitor Mounted Vertically
    4 screws for LCD VESA Mount (4 or 8 washers are suggested)
    1 Joystick with HAPP or SANWA mounting pattern
    4 Screws, 4 washers, and 4 nuts for joystick mounting
    Up to 12 HAPP Standard Arcade Buttons  [1 1/8" or 28mm]
    Up to 8 Sanwa Style Arcade Buttons  [30mm] and 4 Coin/Start buttons [24mm]

    2 4" Speakers
    8 screws, 8 washers, 8 nuts for speaker mounting
    Game system (Raspberry Pi, Game Elf, 60-in-1, 412-in-1, Mini PC, etc)
    Power supply
    Wiring (as needed by Game System, speakers, and monitor)
    Marquee Insert
    Plexiglass to cover  LCD (optional/personal taste)
    Marquee backlight (optional/personal taste)
    Light Sandpaper


Interior Width: 18"
Exterior Width: 19"
Exterior Height: 29 3/4"
Exterior Depth: 20 1/4"
Weight: 45lb

The assembly was easy enough to be completed by one adult arcade enthusiast.

Cabinet Dimensions
Exterior Width 19"
Exterior Height 29.75"
Exterior Depth 20.25"
Interior Width 18"
Cabinet Specs
Material MDF
Weight 45 lbs
Joystick Mount HAPP or SANWA
Button Hole Diameter HAPP: 1 1/8" (28mm) SANWA: 30mm and 24mm
Shipping Included in cost
Included Items
Batons 14 (1-7 2/ea)
Screws 26

LVL 23V - 1 Player Bartop / Tabletop Arcade Cabinet Kit for a 23" screen mounted vertically

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